maxime desmons

what we have
ce qu'on a

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WHAT WE HAVE is is the tale of Maurice, a prisoner of his past who is unable to connect with the people in his new Northern Canadian hometown, a community only too ready to welcome this European misfit into their arms.

CE QU’ON A est l’histoire de Maurice,  un homme prisonnier de son passé et incapable d’extérioriser ses peurs et de se confier à une communauté qui pourtant semble lui  tendre les bras.

Feature Length Narrative/Queer

Distributed by Mongrel Media in Canada & TLA Releasing in US /France/UK

Also available on National Film Board and iTunes Canada

Bonne mère 2.jpg

bonne mère

Canada / 3:15 / 2007 / sound / colour

Alfred leaves the north of France to find his estranged mother who's become a prostitute in Marseille. He changes his identity and begins hooking in order to be close to her. Bonne Mère is a nostalgic poem of longing.

Selected Screenings: 2008 Berlin International Film Festival

Distributed by CFMDC


Canada / 10:20 / 2007 / sound / b/w

Martin, a 30-year-old single man, lives a regular and well-ordered life. One morning,
however, a mysterious suitcase inexplicably appears, and pursues him wherever he goes: in his home, at the office, outside at lunch time. Finally escaping to a public washroom, he encounters a man he recognizes from his past.

Frightened, Martin takes refuge in a toilet stall. When he comes out the man has
disappeared, only to be replaced by the ever-present suitcase. Martin decides to face his fears and open the suitcase, and what he discovers inside leads him towards a richer and more poetic existence.

Short narrative queer

Distributed by CFMDC

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SomebodyIsWatchingUs 1.jpg

somebody is watching us

Canada / 11:00 / 2009 / sound / colour

Two young men, Alliocha and Bruno, have anonymous sex in a public bathroom and are prematurely separated when one loses his nerve. Bruno fears they've been watched. Later, the two men are reunited by chance in the same English as a Second Language class for new Canadian immigrants. Alliocha, the young extroverted Russian, tries to provoke his potential partner, Bruno into having a relationship. But their lack of common language leads them into a unique clash of cultures. One day, an unexpected event brings them together again and both men are forced to confront their assumptions of each other.

Short/Narrative /Queer

Distributed by

d'une rive à l'autre

Canada/ 17:41 / 2009/ sound /colour

A torrid lesbian affair is jeopardized as New World passion collides with Old World tradition. When Marielle begins a fresh life in Canada, she falls in love with a female co-worker; however, her devout brother demands that she marry a dear family friend to whom she’s been promised.

Short/drama musical/Queer

Distributed by CFC

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AuPlusProche 2.jpg

(au) plus proche

Canada / 8:40 / 2011 / sound / colour & b/w / French w/ English subtitles

Au Plus Proche is a meditation on mourning, in which a gay actor, who has tragically lost his lover, makes a radical life decision while performing Molière on stage.

Short Narrative/queer/experimental/French

Distributed by CFMDC